Trio Truffle: dark and white chocolate shell with a creamy milk chocolate ganache center.

Funfetti Cake Batter Truffle: white chocolate shell with a creamy white chocolate ganache center with sprinkles and cake batter flavoring.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Truffle: milk chocolate shell with a layer of strawberry jelly and creamy peanut butter ganache.

About Us

The Cannon Beach Chocolate Café was established in 2011 by Dr. Krupa and his wife Dawn Krupa. After many decades and many trips to Europe, Dr. Krupa and wife Dawn were inspired to bring high quality chocolate to the small beach community of Cannon Beach.

Dr. Tim Krupa in front of the Chocolate Cafe in July, 2011.

Fast forward a decade and the Cannon Beach Chocolate Café is not only serving the finest chocolate from around the world, but we now make our own top-quality truffles made from the finest ingredients, along with home-made pastries, chocolate bars, and bark. The Chocolate Café also went from serving only French-press coffee to serving world famous Illy espresso. The Chocolate Café is also home to the Legendary Chocolate Milkshake and hot chocolate made from real chocolate.

In 2020, after almost 10 years of owning the Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe, the Krupa’s were ready to retire and pass the torch to two young successors. After many years of working and learning from Dr. Krupa, Kelly Mauer and Danielle Shipp teamed up and bought the business.


Creative and talented Danielle

Co-owner Danielle Shipp is the head chocolatier at the Cannon Beach Chocolate Café. Aside from studying under Dr. Krupa, Miss Shipp studied at the International Culinary school at the San Francisco Art Institute. You can experience Miss Shipp’s brilliance yourself by seeing and tasting the quality of the truffles she makes for the Chocolate Café.

Co-owner Kelly Mauer’s passions lie not only in chocolate but in the people aspect of the business. At the Cannon Beach Café, you will most likely see Mrs. Mauer up front helping customers and managing employees. Mrs. Mauer also has a heart for the community, you will find her not only at the Chocolate Café but volunteering at different organizations in Cannon Beach.

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

Did we mention we have chocolate? We did? Well, lets introduce you to some of our other menu items.

Kelly – People person and front of house manager.

Our name says it all! Well, almost… the Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe not only serves top notch chocolate, but we also serve world famous Illy espresso! You can get anything from a single shot of espresso to our best selling mocha’s. We aren’t kidding around with our mocha’s! We start with real 70% Colombian dark chocolate and melt it down to make our own chocolate sauce. Hands down the best mocha you will ever taste. If mocha’s aren’t your thing, no problem! We also serve latte’s, cappuccino’s and everything in between.

Looking for hot chocolate? Look no further! We have been told that we serve the best hot chocolate in town. You won’t catch us making our hot chocolate from a powder or a store bought sauce. We make our hot chocolate with the real thing. We start with our 70% Colombian chocolate and melt it down with whole milk (we have non-dairy alternatives as well). If dark chocolate isn’t your thing we also serve milk chocolate hot chocolate. Looking for something a little different? We also serve a Mayan spice hot chocolate made in milk or dark chocolate. The Mayan will give you a little kick in the mouth as the spice hits the back of your pallet.

We didn’t forget about all you tea lovers out there! We also serve a wide variety of loose leaf teas, not to mention tea latte’s such as a London fog. Catch us when we have indoor seating for “Tea for Two,” and you can share a pot of tea with a friend.

During those warmer spring and summer months you might want to check out our handmade milkshakes. Our Legendary Chocolate Milkshake is not to be missed. We make our own chocolate sauce using a 70% Colombian chocolate and we add it to vanilla ice cream and mix it by hand! These milkshakes take time to make, but they are well worth it! We also have a list of other flavors to choose from, along with our “Milkshake of the Week.” (disclaimer: Milkshakes are on the menu all year, however, the Milkshake of the Week is only available during spring and summer months) You can also find our “Happy Hour” from 3pm- 5pm for milkshakes all year long.

  • 1965 Morris Minor

    The Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe delivery van and mascot.

  • Made in Great Britain

    Right hand drive.

  • Make sure to wave next time we drive by.

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Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Unicorn Truffle – White chocolate shell with a creamy white chocolate rainbow center. Decorated with unicorn sprinkles.